Country Days

A charity that specialises in showing children the benefit and understanding of the rural environment has received a donation from the Connolly Foundation.

Country Days was the brainchild of Ann Hadfield MBE, who believed that children should understand and enjoy the rural environment.

A six acre field at Felmersham was developed as a nature reserve to host courses for children in Bedford.

It has 33 varieties of trees, deciduous, evergreen and fruit bearing and comprises of one third natural woodland with a pond area hosting great crested newts, a sports area and a rain shelter.

Ann funded the two pilot courses prior to her death in July 2018, which proved to be a huge success and was the inspiration to form the charity.

There is now a team of teachers and staff that run courses that are so popular there is a waiting list.

The courses provide the opportunity for children to learn outside in a natural environment and develop skills which can make a vital difference to their future.

It seems that with the advent of Covid 19 recognition of the importance of spending time outdoors and ideally in a natural environment has gained considerable momentum.

Helen Orssich, co-founder and trustee, said : “We are thrilled and delighted by the generosity and support we have received. It is critical that we provide children, particularly those with little or no access to the outdoors, the opportunity to learn in and enjoy  a natural environment.”