Luton Irish Forum

The Connolly Foundation has helped with the construction of community centres across the county.

The Foundation gave £300,000 towards the new Luton Irish Forum when it had to move location.

A new centre was built by Connolly Homes in the Hitchin Road area, which the forum has used as its base since 2006.

Their support levered match funding from the Irish Government and enabled the Forum to secure land from Luton Borough Council.

The Foundation also donated 10 laptops which have been used by 100s of community members to access online services, build family trees and keep connected with family abroad.

Luton Irish Forum is a multi-cultural centre and has several hundred members and is supported by a voluntary management team.

It offers advice, information and support across a wide range of issues from benefits and housing to pensions and employment law.

The Forum has more than 500 members.