A tale of two scholarships

Two recipients of the Connolly Scholarship Bursaries and former students of Bidddenham School have spoken about how much it has helped them in their education.

The bursaries are awards for academic excellence for students going on to university who attend the Foundation’s seven partner schools. They are available to students studying a range of academic subjects mainly drawn from the core subjects looked for by the Russell Group of universities.

The Academic Excellence Award provides a sum of up to £1000 per student depending on grades achieved. Successful students are invited to re-apply each year during their time at university on successfully completing each academic year.

Last December Steve Lowe handed out awards to those who had received bursaries and gone on to university and two of them have said how much it has helped them.

Francis Simmons said: “The Connolly Foundation Scholarship scheme has been of great assistance to me in my first year of university life.

“Considering the wide expanse of new experiences on offer following my move to university, the scheme has allowed me to actively pursue interests beyond my course, in particular exploring the Nottingham New Theatre, as well as helping to secure a house for my next year.

“I am incredibly grateful for all the Connolly Foundation has done – and remains to do – for myself and countless students throughout Bedford.

“Their thoughtful philanthropy has no doubt had a significantly positive impact on the university lives of multiple students, and I am honoured to have been considered as part of this wonderful organisation.

“I studied History, English Literature and Drama at A Level, and am currently studying History at the University of Nottingham.”

Kayley Castle said: “My bursary from the Connolly Foundation has been a huge help during my first year of university.

“Thanks to the Foundation, I haven’t had to get a part-time job, which means I have more time to focus on my studies without having to worry about my finances.

“I have also been able to make the most out of my university experience without the issue of money getting in the way.

“I am therefore extremely grateful for the support that the Connolly Foundation has given me. ”