Award for Cardinal Newman student

A student from Cardinal Newman Catholic School says that her university experience will be transformed thanks to an award from the Connolly Foundation.

Ellie-May Cole says it will be a big help to enable her to study for a law degree.

Ellie-May said: “Since September 2016, I have been studying three A-Levels – English Literature, Law and History. All require extensive essay writing abilities and have put me in good stead to begin studying my law degree in autumn. Currently, I hope to attend Durham University, as it is one of the few universities that can boast of its alumni having a place on the Supreme Court, in addition to numerous connections with leading barristers and figures in government. As a result, I am anticipating many opportunities from Durham, which will make the possibility of beginning my training as a barrister even more achievable.

“This award would transform my university experience, and put me in an excellent position to begin my journey into the legal profession. Without the need to use most of my free hours working part-time to support myself, I would be able to undertake more unpaid but vital experience in legal clinics, or for internships.

“Therefore, I will be able to be more confident entering into a field commonly perceived to be ‘too competitive’; I have every intent of proving this wrong.”