Charity supports local hospice

Bedford Daycare Hospice has received a large donation from The Connolly Foundation to extend its day lounge and improve facilities.

The Hospice provides individualised holistic care to patients suffering with a life-limiting condition from the point of diagnosis through treatment to remission or palliative care.

Support for carers is also central to the ethos of the Hospice.

It is an independent charity providing care and support for patients and their carers in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough.

Since July 2020 the builders were able to capitalise on an empty building and begin work on the Hospice extension and refurbishment.

This work was completed just before Christmas 2020. Jinny Shoosmith, Head of Fundraising at BDH, said: “We are so grateful to all the Charitable Trusts, including The Connolly Foundation, for making this extension and refurbishment possible.

“As soon as it is safe to use, we can’t wait to welcome patients back to the Hospice.”

When attending the Hospice patients describe the positive impact of “being able to talk about health
concerns and anxieties” while carers “appreciate the opportunity to spend time doing something for myself”.

The design of the new extension gives additional space, and will increase patient numbers by up to 50 per cent when it is safe to do so.

Improved facilities will also make the Hospice more accessible to patients with complex needs.