Connolly supports University placement

A University of Bedfordshire student has the Connolly Foundation to thank for supporting him during his placement year.

Thomas Stoneman is studying for a BSc in Health, Nutrition and Exercise at the university and this placement will help him gain extra insight and experience for his degree.

A placement is not required as an undergraduate but Tom has gone this extra mile to help gain practical and valuable experience while still studying at university.

He is working with Kelly Rolfe, who is the Partnership Development Manager for Bedford, Kempston and North Bedfordshire School Sports Partnerships; “‘I am excited about working with the University of Bedfordshire and the Connolly Foundation on this new project. We have developed a good working relationship with their students over the last couple of years and this placement year will allow us to further embed this.”

Dr Louise Croft, Placement Coordination and Lecturer in Sport Science and Physical Activity, said; “The placement year is a wonderful opportunity for our students to work with organisations to gain real life experience during their degree. The Connolly Foundation has provided some fantastic ways for our students to gain experience coaching and working with young people to develop vital skills that will aid them in their future career.’

Thomas said: “I am excited because this is a rare and invaluable opportunity for an undergraduate to be able to work in such an impactful area, alongside a well-known and respected industry professional. As well as being able, to work with children will help me to try to make a difference to their health and well-being.

“I want to thank the Connolly Foundation because without them this would not have been possible. They have been nothing but supportive, encouraging my personal development as a student and a coach. Through their resources, I have gained contacts and experience in coaching which will further support my placement.