Funding Farm Apprenticeships

The Connolly Foundation is funding farming apprenticeships for two students at Redborne Upper School in Ampthill.

Jack Suddabby and Ryan Jones are both former Redborne students who have since completed a two-year Level 3 Animal Management course at Shuttleworth College.

They have now returned to the school as Connolly apprentices where they are gaining more experience in managing livestock and agriculture. Both attend Shuttleworth College one day a week studying Level 2 Agriculture.

The school has a working three-acre farm on its campus, complete with livestock, greenhouses and classrooms. It has new barns that are providing high welfare accommodation for the livestock, which includes pigs, sheep, chickens and turkeys.

Ryan, 18, is interested in large livestock rather than agriculture but lacked the breadth of experiences needed and in particular the practical experience with animals to be able to successfully get a job in this area. He saw the apprenticeship as his opportunity to gain that.

Jack, also 18, has also made the decision want to work in mainstream agriculture and sees the apprenticeship as his opportunity to gain that valuable practical experience which may allow him to secure his dream job.

Jack said: “We are very grateful and thankful to the Connolly Foundation for funding these apprenticeships, which we believe are the first of this kind.”

Ryan agreed and added: “This is a great opportunity that allows us to study locally and make our ambitions become a reality.”