Mark Rutherford given £10,000 for new laptops

Teachers at Mark Rutherford School are now better equipped to help conduct remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a £10,000 donation by The Connolly Foundation which will be used to purchase laptops for staff.

Remote teaching has been one of the biggest challenges faced by the education sector during the pandemic and the new equipment will help teachers at the school provide the best learning experience for their students during this difficult time.

Technology plays a big role in modern society and teaching is no different, especially with schools closed due to the pandemic.

Kelli Foster, Deputy Headteacher said: “Teaching is always evolving and this period of change in education has necessitated teachers to possess technology skills.

“This can only become possible if you have the correct technology to use.

“The Government scheme has enabled students to access remote education, but now, thanks to this meaningful donation, teachers will have the means to connect with students to improve the provision of remote learning.”