New sixth form for Weatherfield School

A brand new sixth form centre has been opened at a special school in Dunstable.

The centre has been built with the help of the Connolly Foundation, a Bedfordshire charity.

Weatherfield Academy is a school that teaches children with special educational needs from all over Central Bedfordshire

The school is for pupils whose needs are categorised as having Moderate Learning Difficulties.

The Academy is for young people who find it difficult to maintain progress in mainstream education settings.

It has an excellent learning environment, including a sensory garden and a smallholding, with some livestock, which the students mainly look after themselves.

The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils.

Due to ever increasing numbers, however, space was at a premium, particularly for the growing sixth form.

So with the help of the Connolly Foundation a brand new sixth form centre has been built.

Headteacher Joe Selmes said: “We have a vision of providing the best possible opportunities for pupils with learning difficulties from Central Bedfordshire and Luton.

“On behalf of the Governors, staff and pupils of Weatherfield Academy Special School, I would like to thank ‘The Connolly Foundation’ for their generosity. The bespoke nature of this new classroom will allow our learners to work on their vocational and independence skills, which are a crucial area of their development”.