Redborne Teacher Training Grant

It’s not just school pupils which benefit from the Connolly Foundation, but future teachers as well.

Students who opt to study for a postgraduate teaching qualification at Redborne School, in conjunction with the University of Bedfordshire, are eligible for a £1,000 grant and subsidised accommodation whilst learning.

The Connolly Foundation is also offering 30 rooms in 11 new units being built by Connolly homes adjacent to the school, providing accomodation for students for the duration of the course with subsidised rents.

Nigel Croft, a trustee of the Connolly Foundation and former Principal of Redborne School is delighted that the foundation is offering this support to students.

“The Connolly Foundation is committed to supporting education and teaching projects across Bedfordshire”, he said.

“This new way of getting that final teaching qualification whilst being permanently in school and learning from and with qualified staff will result in high quality post graduates entering the profession.”