Redbourne Upper School farm

Financial backing from the Connolly Foundation has turned a school farm into an important community asset and educational facility.

Redborne School Farm has seen improvements and developments as a result of support from the foundation and has been visited by primary schools, disabled groups and Brownies.

The Connolly Foundation also funds apprenticeships on the farm for students, who work on the farm while studying agriculture and animal husbandry at Shuttleworth College.

Ryan Jones, a Connolly apprentice at the farm, said: “This is a great opportunity that allows us to study locally and make our ambitions become a reality.”

Andy Hodds, who manages the farm, said: “We are now becoming a real hands on facility for the local community to learn and enjoy.

“It is a big thank you to the Connolly Foundation who have supported us over recent years and helped to turn us into a state-of-the-art farm.

“We raise our own livestock including pigs, sheep and turkeys which we sell through our own farm shop.

“We are also proud to be able to offer training and apprenticeships through the bespoke curriculum at Redborne.”