The Kathleen and Michael Connolly Foundation (UK) Ltd.

The Kathleen and Michael Connolly Foundation has two main objectives:

The relief of poverty & deprivation generally within the area of benefit, in particular by providing accommodation and assistance for persons who are disadvantaged and wholly or partly unable to make such provisions for themselves.

The provision of education and training facilities within the area of benefit and particularly the funding of vocational training and training facilities for young people.


The Kathleen and Michael Connolly Foundation receives it’s funding from the shareholding it owns in Connolly Homes PLC bestowed upon the Charity by Michael Connolly. Connolly Homes builds houses and develops land – please get in touch if you feel you have land available for development opportunities.

Visit the website for more information: Connolly Homes Plc.

At present The Connolly Foundation is not seeking to fund any further new initiatives and will be concentrating resources on those already in hand.