What is The Connolly Foundation?

The Connolly Foundation is a major charity in Bedfordshire that has given £4 million to local causes and organisations since it began 12 years ago.

The Foundation awards grants in three specific areas:

  • Community facilities
  • Education
  • Support for the frail and elderly

Since 2007 numerous individuals, group and projects have benefitted from the Foundation’s support. It works mainly through charitable organisations, to control its costs to ensure that money is spent on projects and not overheads.


The Connolly Foundation receives it’s funding from the shareholding it owns in Connolly Homes PLC bestowed upon the charity by Michael Connolly. Connolly Homes builds houses and develops land – please get in touch if you feel you have land available for development opportunities.

In the coming years we expect the assets of the Foundation will exceed £60 million, increasing our charitable giving tenfold and putting an average of £4 million a year into projects in Bedfordshire by 2022.

Visit the website for more information: Connolly Homes Plc.