Emmaus Village

The Connolly Foundation gave £50,000 towards the Dovecote project, which is the refurbishment of a 1950s building. This is used to provide a stimulating retail, training and learning setting.

The Iola Newman Centre, part of the project, was opened by the Duchess of Cornwall in December 2015.

It enables up to 35 homeless people to learn and develop marketable skills in various aspects of customer service and furniture restoration.

Visitors are able to purchase recycled and reused goods, as well as learning about Emmaus and homelessness.

Emmaus gives a real workable alternative to homelessness, offering people a home, as well as meaningful work.

Emmaus Village Carlton is a homelessness charity based in North Bedfordshire offering active support to formerly homeless people.

“We are incredibly grateful to The Connolly Foundation for their generous donation. Their support made it possible for Emmaus Village Carlton to continue its vital work. Our charity is different from other homelessness charities; we offer a home and meaningful work, not just a bed for the night.  Thanks to The Connolly Foundation’s support, we were able to complete our Dovecote Project – renovating our dilapidated furniture warehouse and workshop into a vibrant new retail, training, office and educational resource.”

Steve Arnold – Chair of Trustees